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Wim Van Houts

Imagination is more important than knowledge

First and before all, I'm an active father of three, and a husband to a magnificent woman. 

Next to that, my greatest hobby is gathering new knowledge and combine this in a creative way to generate new ideas and solutions, and this in as many different fields as I possibly can. This is what I believe the true meaning of being an engineer, and what I love doing. Of course, being an engineer in electronics and informatics, this field is where my main expertize comes from. 

On a daily basis I'm busy as software development manager.

I'm co-founder of Splitvice, a tool to manage strategy and planning of complex project portfolios. Visit http://splitvice.com to see what it's about.

Finally, I also have my own personal business where I help a number of local companies with their daily IT needs. This way, I encounter a lot of business that again give me plenty of new ideas te help them or other people.